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10 June 2024 - 10:21pm

Neodrives Z20 electric-assist upgrade kit for Catrikes

AlphaBENT offers a Neodrive Z20S torque-based hub-motor electric-assist upgrade kit for Catrikes -- even those with 142mm through-axles -- available through all Catrike dealers. This elegant e-kit upgrades non-motorized Catrike recumbent trikes with a smooth, powerful motor built into the rear wheel. The intuitive system has a simple, comprehensive control / display that mounts efficiently onto a shifter. Neodrives Z20S ekits for Catrikes are Class 1, 250W motors. The torque-bases assist is intuitive. The direct-drive motors have no moving parts inside, so they will last a very long time. They can be put into regenerative mode to slow you down and recharge your battery on long descents. And, best of all, they have a reverse mode. Neodrives EKits for Catrikes are available through Catrike dealers. More information at:

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A fire in the early morning of 5 June 2024 destroyed our neighbor business, MidCentury Sacramento. AlphaBENT escaped the worst of it and will be back up and running again soon.

Catrike introduces a new trike with a wider stance and higher seat and weight limit.

Catrike has discontinued the venerable Road recumbent trike model.

This event has taken place and the notice is simply part of our articles archive

Face-time with ICE. Ask all of your questions. Find out what happens behind the scenes. And, try trikes, trikes, trikes... including the fully automatic ICE Adventure electric trikes.

An inexpensive hitch-mount rack for folded recumbent trikes. For example, the ICE Full Fat big-tired adventure tricycle.

Azub trikes are adventure ready

Azub will be at AlphaBENT on Wednesday, October 23 to show the latest Czech recumbent technology. Come to for test-rides, and bent-talk.

Catrike has made wider hubs with through-axles standard equipment on all large-wheel models. This change affects the following recumbent trike models: Expedition, 559, Dumont, and 700. The change promotes laterally stronger wheels and prevents movement within the dropouts under load at the expense of compatibility with equipment such as electric hub moters that are designed to the older 135mm dropout widths.