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The Bacchetta Corsa has the same elegant design as the Giro lineup, but with higher performance.

Corsa bikes have a stretched mesh curved Euromesh seat that integrates as seat-back and foam seat-pan with an air-flow cushion for more laidback seat angles. The rear stays clamp solidly (no grenade pins).

Wheel configuration uses fast road bike 700c wheels front and rear.

Components are a high spec of twist-grip style shifters and associated derailleurs and rim brakes.

Standard equipment has a fixed steering column for maximum weight savings.

Adjustability is by moving the seat along the frame and clamping it down, and different frame sizes accommodate a wide range of people.

Product features:

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Bacchetta manufactures a range of recumbent bikes including high-racers and mid-racers made out of an assortment of carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel technologies.

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