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ICE Adventure recumbent trike

For local exercise or around-the-world touring, the ICE Adventure folding recumbent trike is ideal for exploring the trails or loading up for your next big adventure.

All trikes in the Adventure range are built on an optimized ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, wide range gears and suspension options.

With a higher riding position and more upright seating position the Adventure gives excellent accessibility and a great view of the trail ahead.

All Adventure models are available as an HD (Heavy Duty) option, giving a sturdier frame, wider seat and increased cockpit space. The HD is ideal for the larger or taller rider.

ICE Adventure is available with no suspension, rear suspension, front suspension, or any combination to suit your comfort needs.

ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike
ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike

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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) designs premium recumbent trike products. Their modular design allows interchange of parts between different platforms, and a wide array of combinations of front and rear suspension and componentry.

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