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Azub Tri-Con 26 recumbent trike

Travel Touring Trike with Suspension

Trike of the Year!
This trike won the prestigious 2015 Trike of the Year Award at

Solidly designed and built in the Czech Republic, the Azub Tri-Con 26 turns heads wherever it goes.

Azub innovations abound in this model:

  • rear suspension: smooths the roughness of the road where it meets your back;
  • transportability: with Azub's innovative optional hinging technology, you select the level of take-apart or folding you wish;
  • stopping power: mechanical disc, hydraulic disc, 70mm drum, or 90mm drum brakes. You choose;
  • extensible racks: will you be shopping for a loaf of bread or travelling around the world? a system of racks and carrying capacity can be designed around your needs;
  • adjustability: the seat has full adjustability for angle and fore-aft fine-tuning. There is also a bracket for added seat height;
  • solid adjustable handlebars: interlocking castellations allow adjustment of handlebar angle with solid lock-in when they are in the proper location for your body;
  • frame efficiency: the rear fork and wheel are crowning achievements in maximizing frame and wheel stiffness for maximum power transfer. (And, you haven't lived until you've experienced the hideaway tool that fits inside the rear axle.)

All this and more. Read more on the Azub website (link below).

Folding the Azub Tri-Con trike
Folding the Azub Tri-Con trike

Product features:

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Azub manufactures touring recumbents in the Czech Republic.

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