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The Scorpion FX folds in a minute down to a package that fits into most hatchback cars. The wheels can be taken off in another minute so that it can fit into the trunk of a car.

This trike offers a higher seat position than other Scorpion models, which makes it easy to sit down on and get up from.

The rear suspension provides a comfortable ride with minimal pedaling pogo effect due to the No-Squat Suspension design, and the wide track provides stability for confidence in turns.

The Scorpion FX offers a seat selection including the comfortable Ergo Mesh seat, the wider Ego Mesh XL, the high seated Ergo Mesh HS (gives a seat height of 18"), and the sporty adjustable length hardshell Body Link seat.

The Scorpion FX can be built as a pedelec with an optional electric assist motor from either BionX or Go SwissDrive.

Adventurer on Scorpion FX
Adventurer on Scorpion FX

Product features:

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