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Schlumpf, Greenspeed Magnum hand-cycle hand cycle

All of the features of the Magnum made into a handcycle.

The Magnum has a weight limit of 330lbs and a clearance of 5" which makes it off-road ready. The over-sized 20" tires and shock cord laced mesh seat gives virtual suspension to smooth out rough paths. The seat is wider than those on most trikes and has an adjustable recline angle, as well as adjustable height, so it can offer a comfortable position for any rider. The frame can fold, and the front wheels are easily removed for transport.

  • The crank column can be folded down for easier entry and exit.
  • Adjustable cranks fit a wide range of different arm lengths.
  • The integrated Schlumpf drive provides a wide gear range as well as easy shifting, even when the trike is stopped.

Product features:

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