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GT# trikes are folding trikes with 16" wheels. The design and engineering derives from the venerable GTO model with folding instead of take-apart transportability.

These trikes have a Capreo drivetrain that compensates for the small drivewheel.

Though they are made without suspension, they compensate for this with the following:

  • cromoly steel frame with some give to it.
  • bungee-corded seat suspends the rider.
  • elastomeric seat connection to frame has theoretical cushioning effect.
  • GS-designed Scorcher tires are easy-rolling even at low pressure.

The NSR (Negative Scrub Steering) designed for the GT# eliminates brake steer and gives the trike stability at high speeds.

An offset-angle folding design allows the GT# to pack up tight. Folding it requires a 6mm hex wrench to remove the seat.

Product features:

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Greenspeed is a pioneer in reumbent trike technology. The Greenspeed GTO model was arguably the first commercially successful recumbent trike and the vanguard of the Recumbent Revolution.

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