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Whether you're carving bends, pushing your speed, or on a tour, with the ICE Sprint, you'll be ready for the challenge. It's Ideal for commuting, taking exercise or touring around the world.

All trikes in the Sprint model range are built on an optimized ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist (CFT) Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, wide range gears and suspension options.

The Sprint's lower seating position makes your ride more stable, and its more laidback seat angle gives you a more ergonomical and efficient pedal stroke.

All Sprint models can be fitted with a hard-shell seat, and some, like the non-suspension Sprint 26 accept a 29er rear road-racing wheel -- meaning: that if you like the performance seat-position and seat of the VTX / Vortex, but you want the transportability of the ICE CFT folding feature, adjustability, and practical load-carrying capabilities of the Sprint, you can achieve this.

ICE Sprint is available with no suspension, rear suspension, front suspension, or any combination to suit your comfort needs.

ICE Sprint Recumbent Trike
ICE Sprint Recumbent Trike

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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) designs premium recumbent trike products. Their modular design allows interchange of parts between different platforms, and a wide array of combinations of front and rear suspension and componentry.

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