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recumbent trike


This high seated, sharp turning delta trike is among the most versatile trikes available. Thanks to the engineering from HASE bikes, the Kettwiesel is the most stable delta trike in the world.

It is as fun to ride as it is nice to look at.

Lepus / Lepus Comfort

The Lepus takes the convenient seating position of delta trikes and adds even more comfort.

Its rear suspension gives a plush ride, and, as one of the highest seated trikes on the market, you have excellent visibility in traffic.



With upright and recumbent seats, the Pino straddles the line between recumbent and upright tandeming22.

This just in

Recumbent trike makers are revising their OEM safety flags for 2018 with a priority on safety over self-promotion.

5 Dec 2017 - 8:29pm