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ICE Sprint 26 recumbent trike

Performance and practicality is the focus of the ICE Sprint-26.

With its 26" rear wheel, the Sprint-26 ups the ante on efficiency. It also has the higher gearing for the speed you'll achieve. The gearing relies on more conventional parts such as standard 9-speed Shimano-compatible cassettes, and associated drivetrain parts.

The Sprint-26 can be upgraded to a 29er / 700c wheel for even more speed. With its longer wheelbase and medium-low slung seat, it has the stability to handle high-speed commuting, exercise and touring. This model can even be fitted with a hard-shell racing seat, meaning: that if you like the performance seat-position and seat of the VTX / Vortex, but you want the transportability of the ICE CFT folding feature, adjustability, and practical load-carrying capabilities of the Sprint, you can achieve all of this with the Sprint-26.

Most people are surprised to discover that this trike is a folding trike and even more surprised at how tight it packs with the innovative ICE Compact Flat Twist (CFT) folding mechanism.

Handling is optimized with No Brake Steer, and ICE's Rider Positioning System.

The Sprint 26's lower seating position makes your ride more stable, and its more laidback seat angle gives you an ergonomic and efficient pedal stroke.

ICE Sprint-26 comes standard as a non-suspension hardtail, but it can be built with front no suspension to suit your comfort needs.

Fun on Three Wheels
Fun on Three Wheels

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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) designs premium recumbent trike products. Their modular design allows interchange of parts between different platforms, and a wide array of combinations of front and rear suspension and componentry.

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