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Full-size touring trike packs down small

HP Velotechnik has brought the ride engineering of its popular Gekko model to full-form. The Gekko FX26 has the popular 20" (406 ETRTO) size tires on the front and comfortable, efficient 26" (559) rear wheel size.

The big wheel in back lengthens the trike producing a better-tracking and more stable ride. Simultaneously, it has more "give" than a smaller wheel, so it is more comfortable. Bigger wheels are generally more efficient, as well, so you get maximum return for your pedaling effort.

As if that weren't enough, the Gekko FX26 compensates for its larger size with one of the smallest packing folding systems on any recumbent trike. The rear wheel folds flat under the trike and the seat snugs up against the top-side of the trike when in the folded position.

HP Velotechnik engineered the Gekko folding trikes with the same steering geometry as found on its more expensive Scorpion lineup. This gives the Gekko tadpole trikes a smooth ride, responsive steering, and high stability.

Product features:

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HP Velotechnik makes premium recumbent products in Germany. An extensive lineup of models includes two-wheelers, three-wheelers, electric-assist, and an array of suspension systems for comfort.

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