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The Catrike Eola is a new recumbent trike model that will hit the streets sometime in 2019.

Like the 2018 redesigned Catrike 700, the Eola will depart from the traditional standard components used on most other Catrike models. Instead of having multiple chainrings with corresponding front derailleur and shifter, the Eola uses a single chainring and has an extra-wide 11-42 cassette on the back. A single rear-derailleur and shifter will be easier for many riders to understand and operate.

Taking many hard-learned lessons from the years that Catrike has been manufacturing recumbent trikes in the USA, the Eola is designed for streamlined production time and resources. Examples include:

  • a trimmed down 3-color palette accented with neutral hard-anodized gray.
  • single-part, fixed-camber, fixed-reach handlebars designed for most people
  • fixed-angle seat-back with an easy-entry seat height
  • derailleur-less boom and only a single rear derailleur and shifter

The Eola will be a fully-integrated transportation option with many standard features that might otherwise cost extra, including rear flashing taillight, integrated carrying bag, and two-sided SPD-compatible clipless pedals.

All specifications and components for the Eola are subject to change, but the preliminary look suggests that the Eola will have:

  • all three wheels 20" (406 ETRTO), probably equipped with Schwalbe Marathon Racers
  • 1x11 drivetrain with FSA hollow-axle bottom-bracket, 42T chainring and 11-42T cassette
  • Catrike seat-pad
  • Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes

The gear-range of the Eola will likely be in the range of 19-72 gear-inches.

There might be a temptation to call the Eola an "entry-level" trike, but, if so, it will certainly be one of the best entry-level trikes on the market. The price of the Eola has still not been determined.

Catrike Eola storm-greySky blue Catrike EolaSky-blue Catrike Eola fixed seat-back with rear fenderStorm-grey Catrike Eola back-viewGo-mango Catrike Eola 20" rear wheel with integrated fenderEola will likely come with integrated carrying roll-packStandard seat-cushion will provide old-school suspensionBy eliminating the front shifter, the right handlebar is clean and available for a side-view mirrorCatrike Eola will have FSA single-chainring crank with hollow-axle and SPD-compatible pedalsGo-Mango Eola will turn heads

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