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ICE Adventure-FS / FS-HD recumbent trike

Ride the world in comfort on a rear-suspension (FS) ICE Adventure.

Rear suspension: The rear suspension is easily adjustable for different weight ratings and tuneable within each weight-range with a very clever design. The suspension use a simple and durable high-tech elastomer, and it smooths out the vibrations of the road before they get to your back.

Front suspension: The front suspension uses a clever parallelogram travel kingpost with a robust elastomer-based cushioning system. Each side is independently actuated with a minimum of complexity and weight.

The Adventure-FS uses a 20" rear wheel with an extended gearing system. This innovative system gives you ultra-low gearing without sacrificing high-end for the downhill speeds. It uses a Capreo-compatible cassette interleaved with a standard cassette for an impressive 9-32 range.

For local exercise or around-the-world touring, the ICE Adventure FS folding recumbent trike is ideal for exploring the trails or loading up for your next big adventure.

The Adventure-FS is built on an optimized ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, wide range gears and full-suspension comfort.

With a high riding position and upright seating position, the Adventure-FS gives excellent accessibility and a great view of the trail ahead.

The Adventure-FS is available in an HD (Heavy Duty) option, with a sturdier frame, wider seat and increased cockpit space. The FS-HD is ideal for the larger or taller rider.

ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike
ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike

Product features:

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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) designs premium recumbent trike products. Their modular design allows interchange of parts between different platforms, and a wide array of combinations of front and rear suspension and componentry.

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