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The GTO is the trike that started the recumbent trike Revolution. Its beautiful handling has no brake-steer, and its shock cord mesh seat suspends you without complicated mechanisms.

This trike is designed to be either a globe-trotter or neighborhood pack horse.

For transportability, the GTO is equipped with S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings. This allows you to separate the frame into parts and pack it away for traveling.

With 20" wheels, the GTO has a huge range of available tires and tubes are easily found.

Models are made with various weight limits ranging up to 350#. You can load up everything you need, whether you are striking out into the wilderness, or making a trip to the bulk shopping store.

The GTO is a time-tested classic.

GTO on a ride
GTO on a ride

Product features:

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Greenspeed is a pioneer in reumbent trike technology. The Greenspeed GTO model was arguably the first commercially successful recumbent trike and the vanguard of the Recumbent Revolution.

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