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With upright and recumbent seats, the Pino straddles the line between recumbent and upright tandeming22.

The rear riding position has control over steering and shifting. That upright position gives the captain a good vantage point to see what's ahead, while stopping and putting a foot down is as easy as on a regular bike. The front rider is in a recumbent position and their pedals can spin semi-independently, so that the front rider always has the option of just sitting back and relaxing.

Communication between riders is relatively easy since both are physically close together..

The Pino has a two-part frame so that it can be broken down for easy transport. There is a front suspension fork option which helps quite a lot on curb cuts and other possible jolts to the stoker in the front. The maximum load is close to 500lbs.

Optional children's seats, and children's cranksets, can make this the family vehicle. Options for disabled people are available as well and allows for anyone to enjoy the ride.

The surprising number of options, upgrades, and cargo accessories means that this bike is up to nearly any task.

Check out the Pino Top-selling models which have popular combinations of equipment, or start the basic Pino Custom and add-on whatever you need.

Product features:

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