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The Dream-8 is based on the same frame as the Dream-24 and features:

  • semi-recumbent forward crank ergonomics
  • a lumbar support
  • seat with no perineal pressure
  • adjustable handlebar positioning

Day-6 bikes have seat and body positioning that drastically reduces or eliminates perineal pressure and can be a perfect solution for cycling with prostate issues.

Even without such issues, Day-6 bikes are simply well-balanced, comfortable, and easy to ride.

The main difference between the Dream8 and the Dream24 is that the Dream8 lacks the front derailleur and triple crankset that would turn it into a Dream-24. That change would give it a wider gear range and would be appropriate in hilly areas.

The Dream-8 is ideally suited for flat and around-town commuting and is available in a range of sizes and colors.

Product features:

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