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Greenspeed Anura / Anura Quad recumbent trike

The Anura is a great townie. As a delta trike it has a much higher seat than almost all tadpole trikes. This makes it much easier to get onto and gives you better visibility in traffic.

Signature features of the Anura include

  • 2-wheel drive to provide better traction,
  • Seat height of 17"
  • 3-wheel braking
  • Tandem coupler option

The differential between the two rear wheels transfers the power from your pedals to both wheels and allows each wheel to spin independently, which allows for even power distribution during sharp turns. The Anura looks long, but it is actually as long as most tadpole trikes. Also, the front wheel is able to turn at sharp angles which allows for a surprisingly tight turning circle. Braking on all 3 wheels ensures quick stops and reduces brake steer.

The high, and very padded seat, is comfortable for most riders. This is useful for anyone who prefers a higher seat for visibility: both, seeing the world and being seen.

With the clever tandem coupler, two Anuras quickly become a five-wheeled recumbent tandem . The coupler is attached to the back of the first trike. Then remove the front wheel from the stoker (rear) trike and fit its front fork onto the coupler. You can go back and forth between having two trikes, and one tandem! It is also possible to link more than two together. 

The Anura can also be configured as a Quad.

Product features:

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Greenspeed is a pioneer in reumbent trike technology. The Greenspeed GTO model was arguably the first commercially successful recumbent trike and the vanguard of the Recumbent Revolution.

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