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This high seated, sharp turning delta trike is among the most versatile trikes available. Thanks to the engineering from HASE bikes, the Kettwiesel is the most stable delta trike in the world.

It is as fun to ride as it is nice to look at.

The high and upright seat is easy to get in and out of, gives good visibility, and makes this trike an everyday, and everywhere, vehicle. This trike is poised to replace the automobile outright when you can add weather guards, electric assist motors, battery-free lights, and plenty of cargo capacity.

Without any extras though, it is still a nimble and simple trike to ride with these features:

  • The cambered rear wheels assure stability in the turns.
  • A very tight turning radius.
  • Upright parking, leaning on the seat-back, in order to save space at home.
  • Fenders and a flag
  • It includes a quick-adjust chain system allowing changes in length without manipulating the chain. 

The Kettwiesel can easily be transformed into a tandem as well! The front wheel is removed so that the front fork can fit onto a special coupler. Take two Kettwiesels and make a recumbent tandem. Linking three or more cycle together is possible, HASE set a World Record for the longest tandem when they made a train of over fifty cycles!

HASE has a commitment to making their product accessible to everyone, and that means an array of add-ons for disabled people and people in physical therapy. There are also handtrike models available.

Hase video
Hase video

Product features:

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