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The Magnum is the product of Greenspeed experience and customer feedback.

The Magnum has heavy duty written all over it. With a weight capacity of 400lbs. and a ground clearance of 5", this trike is off-road ready.

The regally wide seat on the Magnum is the first to offer adjustable seat height. The recline angle is also adjustable. This trike can suit any preferred riding position from high and upright for casual rides to low and leaned back for fast ones, and you change from one to the other in little time and without tools. Shock cord lacing on the mesh seat and over-sized 20" tires act as a virtual suspension system to smooth out rough paths.

The Magnum is also a folding trike. For added portability, its front wheels can be removed with the push of a button.

Greenspeed Magnum video of Pritchard ride in the Himalayas
Greenspeed Magnum video of Pritchard ride in the Himalayas

Product features:

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