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The two wide spread front wheels and low center of gravity gives the Scorpion impressive stability and a unique look. Whether carrying a heavy load or taking corners at high speed, the Scorpion gives confidence with it's ability to hold onto the road.

The No-Squat  rear suspension will not be impaired by pedaling forces. It reacts quickly to provide a comfortable ride using an adjustable steel spring shock or an optional air shock.

The Scorpion offers a seat selection including the comfortable Ergo Mesh seat, the wider Ego Mesh XL, the high seated Ergo Mesh HS, and the sporty hardshell Body Link seat.

The Scorpion is also offered with an optional electric assist motor from either BionX or Go SwissDrive.

Scorpion featured in a motion picture
Scorpion featured in a motion picture

Product features:

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HP Velotechnik makes premium recumbent products in Germany. An extensive lineup of models includes two-wheelers, three-wheelers, electric-assist, and an array of suspension systems for comfort.

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