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The Dumont full-suspension features some of the top most-requested features on the wish-lists of recumbent trike buyers:

Announced at the 2015 Interbike trade show, the Dumont is expected to start shipping sometime in May 2016.

For more information, see AlphaBENT's Dumont sneak preview.

Catrike Dumont front non-drivesideCatrike Dumont rear suspension with air-shockCatrike Dumont driveside viewCatrike Dumont rear driveside angle viewCatrike Dumont longitudinal view from aftCatrike Dumont rear non-driveside angle viewCatrike Dumont side-view non-drive sideCatrike Dumont folded

Product features:

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Catrike has built a just-in-time manufacturing plant in the USA producing top-quality aluminum recumbent trikes in a wide array of capabilities.

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