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HP Velotechnik StreetMachine Gte recumbent bike

The StreetMachine is HP's flagship model bike with a long and well-respected history.

With natural underseat steering "USS" and the form-fitting BodyLink seat, riding the StreetMachine is like riding on air. If underseat steering isn't your thing, you can easily upgrade to above seat steering (ASS) in a variety of configurations.

You can fit this bike with almost any component set that will get you across the world in the most comfort.

HP's NoSquat rear suspension almost completely eliminates pogo effect and associated energy losses.

Racks can be placed rear, low, and forward for maximum carrying capacity.

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HP Velotechnik makes premium recumbent products in Germany. An extensive lineup of models includes two-wheelers, three-wheelers, electric-assist, and an array of suspension systems for comfort.

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