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recumbent bike

A recumbent bike is a comfortable way to ride a bike. Recumbents are comfortable by definition. For trips of any distance, the recumbent bicycle allows its rider to go the distance without the pain and suffering associated with sitting on the saddle of a conventional diamond-frame wedgie.

Anyone experiencing wrist, neck, or back pain or who has had knee surgery, hip surgery, or back surgery and who does not have balance issues, should investigate the benefits of riding a recumbent bike.

People with balance issues should NOT consider recumbent bikes, but should be looking at recumbent trikes instead.


The successor to the premium level Giro ATT-26.

The Bacchetta Corsa has the same elegant design as the Giro lineup, but with higher performance.

The Bacchetta Giro is remarkable in its simplicity and performance. It fills the need for a high-performance recumbent bicycle with a design that accommodates commuter cyclists and touring.

The Bacchetta Giro is remarkable in its simplicity and performance.

HP Velotechnik

The Grasshopper FX is one of the only folding recumbent bikes in the world. You can literally take it with you.

Its front and rear suspension give you a plush ride.

For racing speed with suspension comfort, look no further than the German-engineered SpeedMachine.

For an everyday rider getting around town, the Spirit is a convenient bike.

German-engineered full-suspension 20-26 compact recumbent bike.


Full-suspension bike with 20" front wheel and 26" rear wheel.


No frills folding TWIG recumbent bike.


A forward-crank semi-recumbent bike with 8-speed drivetrain for non-hilly terrain.

The Dream-24 feels as comfortable as a recumbent, but rides like a diamond-frame bike.

A BIG and TALL bike for BIG and TALL people, with a comfortable semi-recumbent seat and forward crank design for extreme comfort.

recumbent bike News

Bacchetta has expanded its seat selections to include a new style that mixes and matches the designs of the existing Recurve and Euromesh seats.

7 Jul 2018 - 10:32am

The Bacchetta A26 is the successor to the Giro ATT premium touring / commuting recumbent bike model.

27 Aug 2017 - 12:47pm

Day-6 semi-recumbent bikes will be in stock again soon. Production delays have made Day-6 bikes a limited-availability commodity for the past two months, but the wait is almost over.

26 Jul 2017 - 1:10pm