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The Bacchetta Giro is remarkable in its simplicity and performance. It fills the need for a high-performance recumbent bicycle with a design that accommodates commuter cyclists and touring.

Giro recumbent bikes have a stretched mesh seat-back and foam seat-pan for upright comfort.  You can also opt for the Euromesh stretched mesh and foam seat. The rear stays clamp solidly (no grenade pins).

Wheel configuration is the main difference between the Giro 20 and the Giro 26. The Giro 20 has a small front wheel that helps with the step-over situation and reduces heel-strike.

As of 2017, the Giro-26 is replaced by the premium Giro A26. It is possible to get Giro 26 build-ups on the A26 frame at a budget price from Bacchetta dealers like AlphaBENT.

For people who prefer the higher gyroscopic stability of a large front wheel, the Giro 26 is available. Having two wheels the same size also reduces tire and tube supplies needed.

Components are a high spec of twist-grip style shifters and associated derailleurs and rim brakes. However, the bike is disc-compatible with front and rear disc hubs and associated frame tabs. One very nice upgrade is to just put a disc brake on the front wheel.

Standard equipment includes a glide-flex steering tiller that lets you position the handlebar at exactly the right position for your body position and leg-dimensions.

Adjustability is by moving the seat along the frame and clamping it down, and different frame sizes accommodate a wide range of people.

Product features:

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Bacchetta manufactures a range of recumbent bikes including high-racers and mid-racers made out of an assortment of carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel technologies.

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