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26" / 650

26" wheels have an ETRTO of 559mm and are widely used on mountain bikes and commuters and touring bikes. They typically have a width of 1.5" or more.

650c is a less common road-bike wheel-size using narrower tire sizes. The larger wheel-size (571mm) combined with the smaller tire size largely cancel out yielding an overall wheel diameter roughly equivalent to a 26" wheel.

26" / 650

The Bacchetta Giro is remarkable in its simplicity and performance.

The Dream-24 feels as comfortable as a recumbent, but rides like a diamond-fr

A forward-crank semi-recumbent bike with 8-speed drivetrain for non-hilly terrain.

A BIG and TALL bike for BIG and TALL people, with a comfortable semi-recumbent seat and forward crank design for extreme comfort.

The successor to the premium level Giro ATT-26.

The ICE Full Fat is a fat-tired all-terrain, go-anywhere machine.