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Azub Ti-FLY 26 recumbent trike

The Ti-FLY full-suspension recumbent trike uses an innovative titanium-sprung integrated front suspension similar to those used on race-cars such as the Corvette C5 and Fiat 128 Sport.

Two beautiful parallel formed cross-pieces maintain a parallelogram structure and front suspension independence while interlinking and counterbalancing the sideforces in a way that obviates the need for a torsion stabilization bar.

The integrated structure makes optimal use of titanium's natural lightness, springiness, and strength as an integrated part of the frame.

Ti-FLY is one of the most innovative concepts ever seen in the recumbent trike industry and comes in various standard configurations including conventional Shimano derailleur systems, SRAM Dual-Drive hybrid systems, and geared systems such as the Shimano Alfine 11-speed, Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed, and the Pinion P1.18 18-speed gearbox.

40mm of independent travel increase rider comfort significantly, while the naturally lightweight titanium keeps the trike's weight and upkeep both to a minimum.

Manufacturer Specifications

Ti-FLY 26

WHEELS: 20/20/26″
STEERING: indirect
FRAME: Hand welded in Czech, ALU
WELD: TIG method
REAR FORK: suspended with proper shock absorber
FRONT SUSPENSION: leaf spring suspension from aerospace titanium grade 5, 40mm travel
SEAT: ALU, mesh cover with pasive suspension, unisize
OVERALL HEIGHT: 700 mm – 820 mm (depends on seat position)
OVERALL LENGTH: 1980 mm – 2230 mm (depends on boom position)
WHEEL BASE: 1238 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE: 95 mm (30% SAG, 1,5″ tyres)
SEAT BOTTOM HEIGHT: 260 mm – 290 mm (30% SAG, depends on seat position)
SEAT ANGLE ADJUST: 34 – 52 degrees
BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT: 440 mm – 490 mm (30% SAG, depends on boom position)
OVERALL WEIGHT: depending on components and accessories
HALF FOLDED WIDTH: 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
HALF FOLDED LENGTH: min. 1265 mm
HALF FOLDED HEIGHT: 600 mm (depends on boom position)
EXTREME FOLDING: min. 790 x 690 x 380mm (without front boom 610 x 690 x 380mm)

Full-suspension recumbent trike in front of airplaneCloseup of titanium front suspension on Ti-FLY recumbent trikeCloseup of titanium front suspension on Ti-FLY recumbent trikeOverhead view of titanium front suspension on Ti-FLY recumbent trikeWhite Ti-FLY recumbent tricycle with front-suspension and rear suspensionAdmirers of Azub Ti-FLY full-suspension trike at SpeziOverhead view of titanium front suspension on Ti-FLY recumbent trike
Azub Ti-FLY full-suspension recumbent trike promotion
Azub Ti-FLY full-suspension recumbent trike promotion

Product features:

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Azub manufactures touring recumbents in the Czech Republic.

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