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Hase Spezialraeder Lepus / Lepus Comfort recumbent trike

The Lepus takes the convenient seating position of delta trikes and adds even more comfort.

Its rear suspension gives a plush ride, and, as one of the highest seated trikes on the market, you have excellent visibility in traffic.

  • Rear suspension
  • Folding frame
  • Optional rear luggage rack
  • Optional lowered boom by 2 1/2" for easier mounting and dismounting (pictured)

This trike benefits from HASE's wide array of options and upgrades, including those for the disabled, and people in physical therapy. Lepus Handtrikes are available. The Lepus can also combine with another cycle into a tandem, just as the Kettwiesel does.

Hase video
Hase video

Product features:

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