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Azub T-Tris 26" - Dual-Drive 24-speed recumbent trike

World-touring trike

The Czech-made Azub stands out as one of the hardiest trikes on the market. If you want to go around the world on a trike, and you want a trike that will stand up to the challenge, look no further.

The T-Tris is a non-suspension trike which can pack down to a surprisingly small size thanks to a junction on the frame. It can also be converted to have foldability by sandwiching a hinge in that same junction. This model can accommodate a very wide range of rider-sizes, including very short-legged people.

This particular trike has an efficient, well-handling 26" drive-wheel, and SRAM Dual-Drive gearbox. We had it built up with solid, lifetime-durable 90mm Sturmey-Archer front brakes. These brakes should NEVER need major servicing. It has a tight turning radius that gets you through the tight spots; A relatively high seat with adjustable seat angle is comfortable and easy to get into. The 24-speed Dual-Drive gearing gets you through any terrain including high-speeds for the break-away. Tires are Schwalbe Kevlar-belted with reflective side walls. Finish is a high-visibility powder-coated orange color.

Product features:

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Azub manufactures touring recumbents in the Czech Republic.

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