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ICE Sprint RS recumbent trike

For commuting, touring, or just getting some daily outdoor exercise, the Sprint RS let's you do it in comfort.

The rear suspension is easily adjustable for different weight ratings and tuneable within each weight-range with a very clever design. The suspension use a simple and durable high-tech elastomer, and it smooths out the vibrations of the road before they get to your back.

The Sprint-RS uses a 20" rear wheel with an extended gearing system. This innovative system gives you ultra-low gearing without sacrificing high-end for the downhill speeds. It uses a Capreo-compatible cassette interleaved with a standard cassette for an impressive 9-32 range.

The Sprint-RS folds using the innovative ICE Compact Flat Twist (CFT) technology and is built on an optimized No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, with a wide gear-range and smooth rear suspension.

The Sprint RS has a lower seating position making your ride safer and more stable, and its more laidback seat angle gives you a more ergonomical and efficient pedal stroke.

ICE Sprint-RS is defined to have a rear suspension and no front suspension. With front suspension, it takes on a new name: Sprint-FS.

ICE Sprint Suspension
ICE Sprint Suspension

Product features:

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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) designs premium recumbent trike products. Their modular design allows interchange of parts between different platforms, and a wide array of combinations of front and rear suspension and componentry.

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