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A perfect trike for getting exercise, going to the store, or getting across town: the Trail is versatile trike with medium to upright seat angle. If speed is not your main objective, but getting out is, it's hard to beat the Trail.

In case you noticed the similarities, the Trail and Villager are very closely related. The main difference is the Trail's lower seat-height. Almost every other aspect is exactly the same. Which means: if you are looking for a trike to take exercise or get to the store, the Trail is the better choice, provided you can get down into the Trail's lower seat.

The lower seat is more stable and gives you a more ergonomic and efficient pedaling position.

The Trail borrows heavily from its more expensive siblings in the Catrike lineup:

  • stability -- due to its low center of gravity and wide-ish wheel-track
  • easily replaced parts --by use of standard BMX 20" wheel-sizes
  • top-quality components -- bar-end shifters and 30-speed drivetrain as standard equipment
  • lots of extra value -- like included rear fender, headlight mount, computer-sensor mount, and mirror mount.

Trail expands on Catrike's signature space frame with:

  • seat adjustability: see the world with the upright seat angle, or get maximum efficiency with the fully laidback seat angle
  • direct steering with adjustable damping: lightweight and responsive
  • stiffness-enhanced peace boom: extra strong and efficient

The Trail can be fitted with a larger, more efficient wheel using dropout extenders. This increases pedaling efficiency, raises the gearing for higher speeds, and lengthens the trike for additional stability.

Catrike models
Catrike models

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Catrike has built a just-in-time manufacturing plant in the USA producing top-quality aluminum recumbent trikes in a wide array of capabilities.

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