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Push brakes and paddle shifters on ICE Sprint 26

We are putting together a trike for a gentleman with a neurological condition that inhibits "pulling" action with his hands.

He has settled on an ICE Sprint 26 recumbent trike and we have determined a configuration that will allow him to operate his trike with "pushing" actions.

The pictures show a prototype solution. We intend to mount the brake levers backwards so they operate with pushes rather than pulls. Trigger shifters mounted upside down and on the "wrong" side allow the paddles of the shifters to be actuated with pushing action using the palms of his hands.

The cost to configure this is nominal.

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ICE Adventure trikes get a price reduction with 24-speed entry-level components package. ICE also makes some standard features such as parking brakes optional for more cost savings.

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Catrike 3D engineering drawing of the Dumont full-suspension recumbent tricycle

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