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Folding bikes and trikes have a hinge that allows the cycle to be doubled over on itself.

The folding capability allows the cycle to take less space and therefore makes it intrinsically more transportable by other means.

By definition, the act of folding is an added step and folding cycles are more difficult to manufacture than non-folding cycles. Foldability usually adds weight as the frame must have an otherwise unneeded hinge and parts of it must be strengthened with more material.

Folding recumbent trikes usually allow the seat to be removed or to have the seatback hinged forward over the seatpan.


The Gekko is made for the casual riding or touring.

GT# trikes are folding trikes with 16" wheels.

The Magnum is the product of Greenspeed experience and customer feedback.

All of the features of the Magnum made into a handcycle.

The Grasshopper FX is one of the only folding recumbent bikes in the world.

The Lepus takes the convenient seating position of delta trikes and adds even