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In the late 90's, the revolutionary Rohloff SpeedHub was introduced to the world. Though internally geared hubs had been around for decades and generations grew up on 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hubs, the Rohloff SpeedHub revolutionized the cycling market by packing a full 14-speed drivetrain inside the rear hub.

This hub has stood the test of time and remains the world-premier at delivering performance. Here are some of its amazing characteristics:

  • non-tunable shifting -- gone are the days of fine-tuning a barrel-adjust to get rid of shifting misfires and clattering derailleurs
  • evenly-spaced non-overlapping gearing steps -- no more sets of overlapping gears, no mental math to figure out the next shift combination. With Rohloff, gear 1 is the lowest gear, gear 14 is the highes, and the ones in between go in steady order.
  • constant internal lubrication
  • massive 525% gear range

At AlphaBENT, we've been installing Rohloff Speedhubs since there ever were Rohloff SpeedHubs, We have had happy customers going on adventures all over the planet with Rohloff's since 1999 -- and still rolling.

The main drawback to this technology is that it is expensive. By the way, we have a super-nice gearing calculator that will help you figure out the chainring and cog combination that best suits your riding.

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