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Recumbents have a reputation for liberal use of odd-sized hubs and odd-sized rims. However, most of the bike world uses a small variation of rim and hub sizes.

At the same time, in the world of bicycle wheels, the tolerated error is quite small. If a spoke is more than 2mm too short or long, it simply doesn't work right.

We have worked around this problem for years adjusting lacing patterns and sourcing an extraordinary number of odd and small-sized spokes. Even so, we still run across the occasional odd case where our resources have been inadequate.

Particularly, building a large-flanged hub, such as an electric motor into a small wheel is such a challenge that most bike shops and companies don't even attempt it.

For this reason, we have no acquired a spoke machine and we cut and thread spokes to EXACTLY the right length. This means that we are able to reduce our inventory and simultaneously make better wheels with perfect-length spokes.