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22 September 2016 - 10:31pm

Azub Open-House at AlphaBENT on October 18, 2016


Azub adventurers, Honza, Milan, and Jakub will be demonstrating Azub trikes and bikes at AlphaBENT on the morning of October 18, 2016.

Coffee and morning treats will be on-hand for this open-to-the-public extremely rare opportunity to talk to the people of Azub personally and find out more about this well-built Czech recumbent technology.

Azub has recently introduces some revolutionary front-suspension titanium-based technology in the new Ti-FLY full-suspension trike. This trike, as well as the award-winning Tri-Con rear-suspension trike will be on-hand for test-rides. Other Azub products such as the full-suspension Six recumbent bike and an electric-assist equipped T-Tris-26 will be available for test-rides.

Azub representatives will be happy to answer any questions about Azub products.

Samples of the revolutionary new Pinion P1.18 18-speed transmission drivetrain will be on-hand for testing, as well.

Be sure to come early. The AlphaBENT shop will be open bright and early at 8am for this very special event, and the Azub Adventurers will be rolling down the road at noon.



Catrike introduces a new trike with a wider stance and higher seat and weight limit.

Catrike has discontinued the venerable Road recumbent trike model.

This event has taken place and the notice is simply part of our articles archive

Face-time with ICE. Ask all of your questions. Find out what happens behind the scenes. And, try trikes, trikes, trikes... including the fully automatic ICE Adventure electric trikes.

An inexpensive hitch-mount rack for folded recumbent trikes. For example, the ICE Full Fat big-tired adventure tricycle.

Azub trikes are adventure ready

Azub will be at AlphaBENT on Wednesday, October 23 to show the latest Czech recumbent technology. Come to for test-rides, and bent-talk.

Catrike has made wider hubs with through-axles standard equipment on all large-wheel models. This change affects the following recumbent trike models: Expedition, 559, Dumont, and 700. The change promotes laterally stronger wheels and prevents movement within the dropouts under load at the expense of compatibility with equipment such as electric hub moters that are designed to the older 135mm dropout widths.

Catrike Eola lead banner image

Catrike announces the Eola, a new recumbent trike model for 2019.



Azub Open-House at AlphaBENT on the morning of 18 Oct 2016. Open invitation to try the new Azub Ti-FLY full-suspension trike, 2015 Trike of the Year TriCon, Azub Six full-suspension trike, and Azub T-Tris upgraded with 250W Neodrive electric-assist system.

Azub, Bionx, Catrike, GoSwiss, ICE, HP Velotechnik, Greenspeed

Join AlphaBENT in welcoming HP Velotechnik during their 2017 West Coast Tour.