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With comfort being an essential reason for riding a recumbent, most recumbent manufacturers concentrate their resources on improving their seatcushions.

ICE and HP Velotechnik reinforce the seat edges and add padding at critical points. Catrike offers flat-back and ergo lumbar-shaped seat frames on different models and put full-length pads on some models. Azub includes Ventisit airflow cushions with their hardshell seats. Greenspeed often goes with simple mesh with bungee connection.

However, because everyone is shaped differently, you are bound to find some brand that simply doesn't fit your body right. For this situation, we can often resolve the problem with inside bolstering, top-mounting airflow pads, and / or a combination of anything we can find in the shop.

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Terratrike owners sometimes find that the front corners of the seats are hotspots that chafe their legs as they ride. Additionally, the relatively dense weave of the seat covers on Terratrike Rambler and Rover models keep rider sweat from evaporating readily.

12 Jun 2016 - 5:48pm