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The latest neckrest from ICE is a must have accessory for any ICE trike.


This brass bell has an adjustable mounting strap that can fit handlebars (and other bars) 3/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter.

It has a small profile, a high pitch, and a solid construction.


A single, super bright LED will shine in a wide angle to improve your visibility for safety. The a single charge can last up to 40 hours.

USB rechargeable headlight with a 300 lumen output and quick-change cartridge battery.

Light and Motion

The Urban headlights are USB rechargeable headlights from Light & Motion out of Monterey, CA. A super bright front light is combined with safety lights on both sides to improve visibility.


This USB rechargeable light shines at a wide angle to improve your visibility for safety. A single charge can last for up to 15 hours of use.

3 LED lights and various flashing patterns catch the eye, improving your visibility and safety. The single AA battery can last for up to 80 hours of operation.

This tail light doubles as a reflector with Cateye's CPSC reflector design. 5 LED's flash in various modes and shine in 180 degrees to catch the eye and improve safety.

Light and Motion

The Light & Motion Vis 180 Micro rear bike light offers both visibility and convenience with its unique design.

Radical Designs

Add a copious 25 liters of packing capacity by simply slinging these packs over your recumbent seat.


Arkel thought of everything when they made this trunk bag.


The XLC trunk box has a locking latch and key to secure your items. Over a foot long and over 7 inches high, there is plenty of room inside.

Sturdy plastic construction.


This pannier set (sold as a pair) is waterproof and built for travel.


This pannier set (sold as a pair) has excellent capacity for touring and solid construction. 

Spacious 60L of packing capacity designed for recumbent touring.

A rugged workhorse for light touring or urban exploring, the T-42 is a great alternative to the larger touring packs.


This bag is perfect for carrying small items that you need easy access to on long trips.


The Enduro is useful for riders interested in exercise and commuting. Estimates of Calorie Consumption during a ride will help you keep track of your workout.

The Micro features a backlight to illuminate the screen at night. It's customizable display has two rows to display information at once, plus the clock is always on display.

The Padrone is Cateye's answer to customer demand for larger, easier to read faces. The Padrone has a large display that is easy on the eyes.

The Strada Cadence is useful for riders interested in training and exercise. The Cadence sensor tells you how fast you are pedaling.

Sleek, powerful, and wireless. With large screen and foolproof ClickTec design.

The Urban is useful for riders interested in exercise and commuting. Estimates of Calorie Consumption during a ride will help you keep track of your workout.


With an adjustable strap, this bell can easily fit 7/8" to 1 1/4" diameter handlebars. 

One of the lightest bells available, with a single pitch ding.

The beautifully resonant ring of solid brass. Available in solid brass and chrome-plated solid brass.

The Duet is a traditional ding-dong bell.


Be safe and be heard with a rechargeable air horn.


The Soundwinds Reflective Pennant has high visibility due to its surface area, high-visibility colors, and reflective materials.

Anything that increases motorist awareness of recumbent trikes and bikes also increases rider safety.

We have lots of bags, packs, handlebar bags, etc. that are made specifically for recumbent bikes and trikes.
We keep floor pumps, shock pumps, and frame pumps in stock.