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Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires

It came from Mars. Space-age puncture-resistant folding tire with low rolling resistance and fantastic grip. The ultimate tire.

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Marathon Supreme with unique Vectran protection belt It came from outer space. 

An extremely densely woven fabric made from Vectran protects the new top of the line touring tire - Marathon Supreme. It's High Density Vectran Guard (HD-V) uses a patented weaving technology more puncture resistant than any other textile used in bicycle tire technology. The tire is nearly 50% lighter than any other touring tire and sets a new benchmark in terms of wet-grip adhesion.

"There's no second chance when landing on Mars" explained a company spokesman from Warwick Mills, USA, a leading supplier of hi-tech fabrics. The company developed an extremely tough Vectran fabric for the Mars lander on behalf of NASA. A similar Vectran textile is now used in Schwalbes' new tires.

"The newly developed HD-V Guard (High Density Vectran) is with regard to both puncture protection and weight - the key to a new dimension in the construction of high-quality bicycle tires", explained Holger Jahn, Bohles Technical Director. "At the moment no stronger fabric exists in bicycle tire technology." The Vectran fibers used in Warwick Mills fabric are twice as tear resistant as titanium and five times stronger than steel. Woven using a patented process the textile has a cut resistance three times higher than Aramid, which is used, among other things, in bicycle tires and bullet-proof vests.

Weaving technology is the difference

Of course Vectran can also be found in other bicycle tire brands, but not as a densely woven fabric, rather as loosely bundled fibers - similar to a bicycle tire carcass. "Although strong, it is not the fibers but more accurately the patented weaving technology that makes the difference in puncture protection. "Only densely woven Vectran offers optimal protection", stressed Holger Jahn. Warwick Mills holds 14 international patents for its weaving techniques, among which is its patent for the worlds most densely woven, high-strength yarn fabric. Warwick Mills innovation makes it the undisputed global leader in this segment. The HD-V Guard was developed exclusively with and for Schwalbe.

TÜV tested: Marathon Supreme with magical grip
"The Marathon Supreme addresses the needs of demanding everyday cyclists and touring riders, for whom only the very latest and best parts on their bicycles will suffice", said Holger Jahn. In each category this tire represents the most up-to-date developments in tire technology“ puncture protection, good grip, light weight and low rolling resistance. It weighs in at just 460 g (size 37-622), whereas the classic Marathon is 650 g and the Marathon Plus is 890 gram.

The rubber compound is also new. "In tire technology good grip is usually accompanied by unacceptably high rolling resistance. However, the new Magic Compound succeeds on both counts: The tire rolls easily and at the same time grips as well as our competition tire for wet conditions, the Stelvio Rain", explained Jahn. This gives the rider an additional safety margin in curves and under braking. TÜV South confirmed this in May 2006: Results proved that sportsmen using this rubber mixture can ride wet curves around 17 per cent faster.

The Bohle designers wanted to create something exceptional and conceived the tire as a complete entity, as if made from a casting. The tread profile extends stylishly onto the sidewall, without the usual, unsightly dynamo strip. All this lends a classy look, enhanced by the elegant, silver outlined name labels.

"Just two years ago such a tire would not have been possible", summarized Schwalbe's design chief. "The HD-V Guard, the Magic Compound and the low weight“ only now and for the first time, has it been feasible to combine these features within a single tire. At present it is impossible to incorporate any more innovative features into a touring tire." The Marathon Supreme will be available in quality bicycle shops from 2007.

The Marathon Legend

The Marathon Supreme is now at the top of Schwalbes' Marathon tire series. The now legendary named long-distance runner, established by round-the-world cyclists, is still Europes most popular bicycle tire and in the industry it is one of the few everyday tires asked for by name. The Marathon series now consists of six models, which alongside the Supreme are; the "Flat-less" Marathon Plus; the Marathon XR for extreme touring; the Marathon Racer for fast trekking; the Marathon Cross and the classic Marathon.

NASA video of Mars Rover landing
NASA video of Mars Rover landing

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