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Tires are an exercise in tradeoffs.

Thicker tires are more puncture resistant, but heavier and slower.

Treads slow you down, but give you traction in loose stuff.

In the end, everyone have a difference tolerance for flats, and a different need for speed.

We keep a full range of tires on-hand to suit all of these needs in all the sizes used on recumbents.


Very wide balloon tires cushion the road like a virtual suspension. Big Apples allow for lower tire pressures too which further softens any path.

Road tires with high durability, low rolling resistance, and minimal tread.

A light, fast, treadless tire with Schwalbe Raceguard (multi-layered rubber / nylon) protection belt and reflective labels.

A classic touring tire. A relatively thick tread and kevlar belt give you good puncture protection and durability for the long haul.

Available in a broad spectrum of sizes.

Striking a near-perfect balance between weight, grip, durability, and rolling performance, the Schwalbe Marathon Racer has become the adored favorite of the recumbent trike industry.

It came from Mars. Space-age puncture-resistant folding tire with low rolling resistance and fantastic grip. The ultimate tire.

A tire designed specifically for recumbent tricycles. The Tryker is specially constructed to handle the sideloads particular to recumbent trikes.