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A real manufacturer of real products. TerraCycle has a mission of providing the finest upgrades available for recumbent cycles.

TerraCycle is wizard at machining. Their claim to fame is making the best idler pulleys out there. (So nice, in fact, that the Sport edition became standard OEM on all Catrike products.)

Expanding on this base, TerraCycle is the leader in fairings, specialty packs, and more funny little parts you never thought about before.

AlphaBENT keeps TerraCycle products on hand for all of the trikes in the shop.



Catrike clamp-on idler upgrade kit

Route your Catrike's chain however you want with these kits.

A clamp holds the idler securely to the frame anywhere along the main tube. The idler can be mounted onto the clamp at three different heights.


Elite idler upgrade kit

Upgrade your recumbent's idler pulley to the TerraCycle Elite series idler.

The all metal construction is stronger and lighter. Aluminum side plates, rather than plastic, are machine cut to be strong and light weight.

Sport Power

This idler is second only to the upgraded Elite version.

It has a solid metal core. This prevents any squishiness that would reduce efficiency.