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One of the few safety issues with recumbent trikes is the possibility of "foot fall". If your foot comes off the trike at speed you can be injured.

Therefore, at AlphaBENT, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the use of clip-in pedals. (These pedals are often called "clipless", even though they actually have clips.) These pedals a holding mechanism for a cleat, and include a corresponding cleat to fasten to the bottom of a cycling shoe.

The most ubiquitous cleat system is called SPD. We are unabashed pedal "snobs" and encourage the use of good quality and sealed bearings for maximum pedal life.


Speedplay thought "outside of the box" in designing these pedals.


These pedals have a special toe-clip and strapping system that secures your foot to the pedals without requiring special bicycle shoes.


These are two-sided pedals. That means you can ride with regular shoes, or use bicycle shoes with cleats that secure your foot to the pedal.